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Are you a straight guy that thinks about dick?

Are you a straight guy that is dick curious?

Hi are you a straight guy that gets hot masturbating while thinking about dick? Are you someone who gets horny about fantasizing about sucking a dick? If you are– I find this very hot! I get turned on when a guy that lives a heterosexual lifestyle secretly longs to get on his knees and suck another man’s dick.

This Princess Chick loves cock suckers!

Did you stumble across this blog and think wow!? This Princess Chick really gets into cock suckers!  If you are thinking that– it is because it’s true! I really like men like you. I want to share in your fantasy and use my passion for turning men into cocksuckers to your advantage! Either we can leave it as is– a hot fantasy that really gets your dick hard or I can train you and turn you into the cock sucking beast that you long to be.

Either way, cock lover, I am going to give you a hot phone experience!

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Coerced Cum Eating: You WILL Eat It For Me

I see you there pretending you don’t know what I am talking about. I know you like to hide your dirty cum eating secret from the world and you have to “pretend” to be made to eat your own cum. That’s okay I have no problem playing along with your coerced cum eating game . . . → Read More: Coerced Cum Eating: You WILL Eat It For Me

cum eating body worship two things that belong together

Cum eating and body worship really do go hand in hand think about it…you like worshiping my body and I like you eating your cum for me so why not eat it right off my tits…or my thighs…or even my ass mmmm

Cum eating body worship

Imagine this……me naked inches from your dick and . . . → Read More: cum eating body worship two things that belong together

cock curious but straight

Are you a straight man with a secret that makes you so uncomfortable that you don’t like to think about it- never mind talk about it?  I am here to tell you, you are not alone. I know a lot of healthy sexual males that experience this.  I had this really sexy conversation with . . . → Read More: cock curious but straight

cum cocktail swallow your sperm for me

Hi there to all of you crave the cock fans! I have been on this cum eating kick here on my crave the cock blog and you wanna know why?  Because this Princess enjoys it! *duh!* What a huge turn on it is for me to watch you jerk off and masturbate and squirt . . . → Read More: cum cocktail swallow your sperm for me