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Why Crave the Cock?

I am a sultry Mistress that is also known about the Empire as Princess Andi. I write for different blogs and my main blog is phone sex princess blog. Why did I also want to choose to write for crave the cock? I am an avid fan for all things cock, especially, when it comes to cock control!  Naturally, I would be drawn to seducing men to get on their knees and suck cock for me. I am also a fan of  having guys eat their cum for me. Nothing hotter then having a guy eat his worship puddle up after he just made it for me.

I am looking forward to teasing you and talking about all things cock because dick is one of my favorite subjects and activities.  Yes. I would like to turn you into a sexy cock sucker. Someone that loves to eat their own cum for me. Why?

Because, I find you doing that for me to be hot. Don’t you like to make your Phone Princess Hot?

I thought so. I look forward to you being on your knees for me soon!


Princess Andi

5 comments to Why Crave the Cock?

  • sissy donna

    i crave cock so much and always have. Its all i think about all day and night,especially Black Cock! But,its really about the cum,i love cum and always swallow cum when i can. I know that You like cocksuckers! Mistress Andi,i think it was You that said that ALL cocksuckers must always swallow,and i think You are correct!
    cum dump

  • you know, if i close my eyes, open my wet lips and bob my head up and down, back and makes me soo hard…..why is that.?

  • How do i become un craver…..i cannot stop thinking about it….now…i can’t even go into the gym anymore….well, my shaved legs do not help……and plucked eyebrows……

  • uhoh….just when i thought i couldn’t go any further….now i think i am 99% girl..i shave my legs, paint my toes, shave all over, even my arms…wear pale lipstick to work too…perfume…tights or in public for girls clothes…and everyone knows i am a sissy too… meeeeee…what should i do….? i own 1 butt plug and 2 dildoes…..i suck on the real one daily b4 work and bed…..but i am only pretending to seee how it is to be a girl so i can bettwer understand them…then they will want me more….right..? i know a lot about women now..!!!

    • Andi

      hello Missy laflamme, from what you tell me you are a real sissy cock sucker and a talented one at that! That’s great! Enjoy your sexy ways!

      ~Princess Andi~

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