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Princess Faggot Maker

I am a princess faggot maker. I love taking men from all walks of life and turning them into jizz loving faggots. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! There is something so exciting about taking a guy and convincing him to please me by taking a nice hard dick into his mouth . . . → Read More: Princess Faggot Maker

The Haunted Dildo turns you into an anal slut.

The Haunted Dildo continues and here is today’s erotic story.

The secret cravings of an  anal slut:

You are getting tired of pussy.  Your sex life with women has been lacking lately and you know deep down inside it’s because you want your ass played with.  You don’t really think you are . . . → Read More: The Haunted Dildo turns you into an anal slut.

Tube Steak Boogie Princess

Are you ready to do the tube steak boogie?


I know you have been struggling with your thoughts about cock sucking. I know that this desire to experiment frightens you but the thought of sucking on my lover’s cock after I have creamed all over his huge erection excites you even more. . . . → Read More: Tube Steak Boogie Princess