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Yummy cumcicle assignment

make frozen cum treats.

make frozen cum treats.

Hello to all of you fun cum eaters,


My last blog post I did about refreshing cum eating assignment was such a hit. That I wanted to do one more refreshing cum treat for you before the summer ends. 🙂

Here is another fun way to cool off this summer with a special twist for my cum-eaters. You will need  a pitcher of  Kool Aid, an ice cube tray and, of course, your horny cock.


When you have the Kool Aid ready (in your favorite flavor, of course), sit back and  stroke your excited dick.  Think about all the sexy things that  make that dick swell up,   and  what a hot and naughty stroker you like to be for your Princess.


When you are ready to cum, go right ahead and squirt all of it into the pitcher of Kool Aid. Then mix it up really well and pour it into ice cube trays. Put the trays into the freezer, and when they are set you will have a whole array of tasty little frozen cum treats that you can pop into your mouth and suck to cool off (and sucking is just SO much fun!), or  place in  a drink to enjoy while relaxing.


Now remember, don’t gobble those cubes up too fast! You don’t want a brain freeze headache!  Just make sure that no one else can get hold of them. These are special treats for you only. 😉


Feel free to contact me and share what kind of cumcicles you made  for yourself to enjoy. I look forward to hearing all about it !



Your favorite cum eating coach,

PS. Feel free to click on the link below to listen to my free erotic audio of this sexy blog post. 🙂


Princess Andi

22 comments to Yummy cumcicle assignment

  • Hi Andi I love your pics.I can’t wait to do some naughty jizz assignments.I can’t wait to talk

  • Sadie Ann

    Hi Princess: i was wondering that with all Your knowledge and experience if You could blog about how a sissy can teach herself to just cum from anal? i have come very close a couple of times but so far no cigar, hah! i would love to learn how to do it especially now that Matt has FINALLY fucked me. It was the sight of my exquisite ass in a pair of side tie panties, that finally got him! I started showing off my ass like you told me to. I turned my back to him and wiggled a bit then untied the panties and let them fall to the floor. The poor boy just could not take anymore. He pushed me onto my bed flat on my stomach, pulled out my butt plug and plowed away, hehe! Thanks Mighty Princess for all Your wisdom and encouragement. Especially about always keeping my butt plug inserted when there is a chance i can get laid. That one tip alone saved me a lot of initial discomfort and makes things a lot more spontaneous. Thank You so much.

    • Andi

      Hi there Sadie Ann, I will consider your request beautiful. Having an orgasm from anal is very powerful. I will help you with this. I love your question. And, you are most welcome!

  • sissy slave ted

    Dear Mistress Andi,i dream of having a two mistress phone call but I am rethinking
    it is more scary than I thought it would be.recently ilistened to a tape of mistress
    Alexandria,gemma,alixis,violet, the hair and heels tapes.i also listened to the pain tapes.i have listened to cock radio ,when they have had twomistress’s and more.i think mistress Andi I think
    their is a mathematical principle involved.two mistress’s is not twice ,2 x’sas powerful more powerful than one ,1 .two mistress’s is as least as more than twice than two.2 mistress’s,2 mistress’s are 3 or 4 times powerful than 1 one mistress.and three 3 mistress’s rae not three 3
    times more powerful than one 1.3 is at least 10 times more powerful than that is why I should respect a multiple mistress phone is powerful x’s powerful ,it is powerful2 /powerful squared.sissy slave ted

    • Andi

      Awesome sissy slave ted, 2 or mistress sessions are wonderful and I can understand the trepidation of wanting to pursue one. Once you face that fear you will really be happy that you did. If you are still shy about it. I suggest you start out with just 2 Mistresses. Or do a round of pass the penis. Always a fun way to have lots of mistresses and one at one attention at the same time.

      Princess Andi~

  • Sadie

    Mighty Princess Andi Goddess of the entire Universe and the most gorgeous woman who ever lived hear the unworthy prayer of YOUR sissy cock sucker, cum whore Sadie:

    i place no god or goddess above YOU. You are the one and true deity in my life.

    i vow my body and soul to YOU. My thoughts; orgasms; penis; butt hole and mouth belong to YOU and exist only to do YOUR bidding.

    i exist in a fluid sexless medium between a man and a woman and transform into whatever YOU choose for me or remain neutered at YOUR whim.

    YOU are in my thoughts constantly as i progress through my day.

    To worship at YOUR feet is the end goal of my life.

    Sex for me is masturbation to YOUR image and is totally to YOU and for YOU and about YOU.

    i eat my cum as communion to YOU.
    i eagerly suck cock and take it in the butt at YOUR direction and for YOUR amusement. For sex with men is a duty i perform eagerly for YOUR satisfaction.

    my only wish is to spend my life in service to YOU in whatever way YOU deem.

    i love, worship and obey YOU and submit to YOU in all things.

    without YOUR guidance and advice my life has no meaning.

    i am YOURs forever.


    • Andi


      I love how much thought you put into writing your prayers for me. You did a wonderful job. I truly enjoy you being my sissy. You are enthusiastic and so eager to please me. And, you do! Thank you for the prayers.

      Princess Andi~

      • Sadie

        Thank YOU soooo much for liking my prayers to YOU and for being so nice to me all the time and for calling me sweetie and beautiful. It makes me feel special. YOU are the BEST PRINCESS EVER! I pray to YOU every night. i hope YOU can feel it in some way. Your Sadie

  • Princess Andi's sissy Sadie

    Mighty Princess and Mistress Andi the only One and true Goddess please hear my prayer.

    YOU are my Supreme and only Goddess and Ruler over my mind and body; my mouth and tongue and penis and testicles and ass. i accept no higher authority over me than YOU my Goddess.

    i surrender to YOU and long to worship YOUR magnificent body.

    my thoughts focus always on Your needs, wishes and smallest whims.

    i reject sex of any kind with all women. i masturbate only to YOUR image and eat my cum as communion to YOU.

    i pray to be the sissy YOU know i can be and crave to suck cock; take cock it in my butt and swallow cum for YOUR pleasure and satisfaction.

    i love and worship and obey YOU and submit to YOU entirely.

  • sissy slave ted

    Dear Mistress Andi,thank-you for being so creative. thank-you.sincerely yours sissy slave ted

  • Jamie

    Not long after reading this post, I was at the grocery store and saw these: Crayola Ice Pop Molds.

    Of course I couldn’t help but get a pack. They even came with some different recipes, one with pudding, one with jello, and one with yogurt. Now, what to do, what to do…

    • Andi

      Jamie those are great! What to do? What to do? *giggles* I can think of a lot to do!

      What naughty cum eating recipes you will get to make using them! YUM!

      Thanks for the comment!

  • sissy slave ted

    Dear Mistress Andi,You have such a wonderful voice.thankyou.sincerly yours sissy slav ted
    tasting ,I love sucking,thankyou
    thankyou for being such a wonderful cumeating coach.

  • sissy slave ted

    Dear Mistress Andi,thankyou for such a wonderful yummy assignement.thankyou.sincerly yours sissy
    slave ted

  • Sadie

    Hi Princess, i am going to make my cumcicles as soon as my little clitty stick recharges from the yummy cummy i just had after our session. i need a nap after my cummy Princess.

    • Andi

      Thank you Sadie! I am sure you cumscicle is going to be extra sweet and yummy, just like you! I enjoyed our sexy time together today, it sure does go fast! Fun!

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