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Sucking your own cock

 Sucking Your Own Cock and Cum eating


Have you ever tried to suck your own cock? Auto fellatio is an interesting trick and one that takes a lot of practice. But you can imagine what it would be like to taste your own cum by sucking your own cock? I’m sure that inspires . . . → Read More: Sucking your own cock

Tug and chug

stroke your dick and eat that cum

Ready for a little tug and chug?

Get naked for me please. I want you to jack off that cock like you have never done before. It’s been a few days so you’ve got to have a good load inside of you. This isn’t the time for . . . → Read More: Tug and chug

Anatomy of a cocksucker

What makes the perfect cocksucker?

The first key is complete openness. You have to be willing to put yourself out there, otherwise all you would do is think about sucking cock and not actually acting on it. Oh cocksucking fantasies are fine but if you want to know what it’s really like, then you . . . → Read More: Anatomy of a cocksucker

how to eat your own cum

Drinking Your Own Cum

It’s time for you to taste your own cum. You are so excited aren’t you, to drink up your own cum?

Now sometimes guys have trouble with the taste of their own cum. Oh its taboo to taste it and that drives the fantasy but sometimes you need something extra.

. . . → Read More: how to eat your own cum

Practicing with a dildo

You want to be the best cock sucker around

You know, if you want to suck cock, you will need to practice. Practice does make perfect after all and I know you want to be the best little cocksucker around.

Now, you could just suck one dick after another to gain practice but I . . . → Read More: Practicing with a dildo