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types of cock suckers

What kind of cock sucker are you?

Are you a guy that fantasizes about other men’s cocks, but that is it? Does the thought of ever actually sucking that cock outside of that fantasy make you shudder with disgust? Or do you crave the dick of another and want to actually suck that cock . . . → Read More: types of cock suckers

Are you a nut gobbler?

Hello to all of you cock cravers!  I know that your curiosity about all things cock has brought you to my post today.

In my “Tug and Chug” post,  I wrote about masturbation and asked that you have a shot glass to squirt your jizz in. Today is a little different. Today is for . . . → Read More: Are you a nut gobbler?

Sissies crave cock too

Cock curious sissy

I know one of the things a lot of sissies wonder about is sucking cock. There is something very  exciting about picking out a very special pair of panties with a bra and getting all dressed up in your best girlie outfit,thinking about the man that you will meet.

You . . . → Read More: Sissies crave cock too