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Jelly Bean Bukkake Party

This is a bukkake party with a sweet tasting twist.

You love cum. You crave it. I know what a greedy cum guzzling slut you really are.  But lately you have been distracted. I think you have fallen into some complacency.  Feeling smug in your pet status with me.  I know you have been . . . → Read More: Jelly Bean Bukkake Party

Corned Beef and Cum

Happy Saint Patrick Day!  I am wearing my cute green panties and a green t-shirt as I type this today. I just love St. Patrick’s Day!Like many others,  I am making corned beef and cabbage today. If you are a cum eater this is something I want you to do for me.  To celebrate . . . → Read More: Corned Beef and Cum

Are you ready to put your mouth on a cock?

Crave the Cock

Hi there to all of you that crave the cock.

It has been a while, I know, I know and here I am with a special crave the cock announcement.  How would you like to suck cock for me? yes. I am serious. As many of you know,  I just . . . → Read More: Are you ready to put your mouth on a cock?