Happy St. Patrick’s Day, cock cravers! To celebrate I want you to eat your cum for me! I want you to go to the store and purchase some yummy Irish Soda Bread!  Even better, if you make it yourself. You won’t have a problem finding a recipe for Irish Soda Bread online– I do know that most of you don’t want to make it and it is easily accessible during the St. Patrick’s Day Holiday. So hurry and go get yourself a loaf of Irish Soda Bread! Hee-hee

Now that you have your Irish Soda Bread take a piece and place it on a plate. Grab yourself a drink because you might get thirsty, and I don’t want you to be distracted while doing this. Go to pornhub.com and do a search on frenulum worship. Pick a movie that catches your cocks attention. My only requirement is that the movie is at least 5 minutes long. Nothing shorter.

Orgasm Edging Your Cock to Eat Your Cum for Me

Get comfortable. Pull your cock out and turn on the movie. I want you to stroke your dick the way you are seeing the dicks in the porno are getting their dicks stroked. Don’t you dare cum! You haven’t earned an orgasm yet!  What is it going to take for you to earn an orgasm? I want you to edge your dick 3 times. When you edge, ride the edge. Go ahead and ache for me.

Mmm, feels good, doesn’t it? Are you ready for your explosive orgasm? After you have done 3 cock stroking edges for me. I want you to grab your plate of Irish Soda Bread and stroke your cock until you release all that hot, ropey cum all over your plate and Irish Soda Bread! How does that feel? Good! Your not finished! Go ahead and eat that bread. Soak it up in your cum. Eat it all up and make sure not a drop of cum is anywhere on that plate!

Yay! You did! Good for you! Now go ahead and brag away and feel free to get on Skype and do this with me during a sexy cum eating session! This is always much hotter to do when I am with you on the phone or Skype session.


Eating your cum with some Irish Soda Bread!

May your cock be hard.

May your cum be sweet.

May your Mistress be happy and let you kiss her feet!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Princess Andi