You crave to suck a strangers cock

You are on your knees, slurping and swallowing, hoping this experience will never end. You had been fantasizing about tasting another man’s cock for a long time. Even tasting your own cum to intensify the experience. But there’s always a moment when a fantasy goes stale and it becomes not good enough.

You can still jack off, but not with that delicious urgency that once was.

Fantasy just isn’t good enough is it?

You want reality. You want to suck a man’s cock and have him cum in your throat, don’t you? You want to feel that cock fill your mouth completely. So what are you supposed to do?

You head down to your local bar for a pint to think over the problem. Not that you would tell any of the guys what’s on your mind. Luckily there aren’t too many people around. As you sit there nursing your beer, a man comes up to you and starts chatting. You try to shoo him away but instead you find yourself drawn into a conversation with him. He has a seductive air about him, one that confuses you completely.

He eventually leaves and you watch the game on TV, nursing your beer. You head to the bathroom for a break and when you open the door, you are shocked to hear soft groaning come from inside one of the cubicles.

“Hello?” you tentatively ask.

There’s a click from the latch and soon the stall is open. You walk forward and are taken aback by what you see. The stranger who sat down next to you is jerking off his cock, smiling at you. You should walk away, report him or something but you can’t help staring at his thick dick.

“Well?” He says.

And somehow you get on your knees and start tasting his dick. You are tentative at first but he won’t let you, shoving that whole cock in your mouth and making your fantasies come true. You cream your pants in an instant but continue to keep on sucking.

You are a true cocksucker now aren’t you?

Strangers in bathrooms? Who’s next?