Happy National Cupcake Day! Naturally, I want you to cum on your cupcake– I just love a hot cum eater and combining 2 of my favorite fetishes to celebrate sounds like a wonderful way to get you to eat your cum for me. You do like to eat your cum for me, right?

What I want you to do is either make cupcakes or go to your favorite bakery and buy a nice cupcake with lots of icing on it. Any flavor of your choosing. You can’t go wrong here. It’s not about what kind of cupcake. It’s about what you are going to do when you get home and are alone with that cupcake.

Cum on our cupcake assignment

The beauty of cupcakes are there are so many varieties and icings to choose from so there is something for everyone. So, I want you to pick a cupcake that you are going to enjoy!

When you get home, I want you to relax and go to my sexy photo gallery and jerk off. I want you to edge 7 times then call me so you can cum on your cupcake. I want you to add your own man frosting to this cupcake. Yup! I want to see you cum on your cupcake, so don’t forget to contact me on Skype: princess.andi_1  and then we can celebrate National Cupcake Day by you eating your cum drenched cupcake! Doesn’t that sound like a hot time? I think so!

I look forward to having you eat your cum for me.

Princess Andi

cum on your cupcake