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Freeze Your Cum and Save it for Me

Freeze your cum for me. Masturbation May starts on Monday.  There are going to be lots of fun things going on, and I also have some hot things in store for you.

I Love Coaching You to Eat Your Cum

I have popped many cum eating cherries, and that thrills me. I am always looking to push the kinky envelope and if you can freeze  your cum  safely, this is a cum eating challenge I would love for you to do. Now. If you don’t live alone, this cum eating challenge might not be the one for you to do. I totally understand.  Don’t worry. There will be other cum eating challenges.

Freeze Your Cum: Cum Eating Challenge

I want you to edge your cock seven times 2 days a week. Preferably Mondays and Fridays. You pick the time of day that you masturbate that cock for me, however I ask that you start on the hour.

After you have edged your cock for the seventh time for me, I want you to cum in a water bottle that is 3/4 full. You might have to cum in something else and then pour into the water-bottle. Do this all throughout Masturbation May, and freeze your cum in the water between adding cum to it. At the end of the Month, I want you to let the water defrost and then  we will have a hot time celebrating. For those of you that dare to get on cam, I will give you a surprise.

Happy stroking that cock for me.

Princess Andi

coereced cum eating

eat your cum for me.



4 comments to Freeze Your Cum and Save it for Me

  • D

    Thanks for a great call Princess Andi! I saved, froze and thawed my own cum then you had fun with me, seeing to it I licked and drank my own cum for you! Thank you for telling me to mix my saved cum and my fresh shot cum together with my tongue lick some up, pour the rest in a glass and DRINK IT UP FOR YOU! Thank you!
    Your Cum Eater, Cum Licker and now, officially Your CUM DRINKER!

  • D

    I always have saved cum these days Princess. Yes! I do dare to go on cam… and the surprise you mentioned? Drinking it in celebration I’ll bet!

  • Wes

    Creativity and dirty cum eating assignments from a phone sex mistress makes me ache so much! This will make a May special for the masturbaters spending time with you. Thanks Ms Andi!

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