Freeze your cum for me. Masturbation May starts on Monday.  There are going to be lots of fun things going on, and I also have some hot things in store for you.

I Love Coaching You to Eat Your Cum

I have popped many cum eating cherries, and that thrills me. I am always looking to push the kinky envelope and if you can freeze  your cum  safely, this is a cum eating challenge I would love for you to do. Now. If you don’t live alone, this cum eating challenge might not be the one for you to do. I totally understand.  Don’t worry. There will be other cum eating challenges.

Freeze Your Cum: Cum Eating Challenge

I want you to edge your cock seven times 2 days a week. Preferably Mondays and Fridays. You pick the time of day that you masturbate that cock for me, however I ask that you start on the hour.

After you have edged your cock for the seventh time for me, I want you to cum in a water bottle that is 3/4 full. You might have to cum in something else and then pour into the water-bottle. Do this all throughout Masturbation May, and freeze your cum in the water between adding cum to it. At the end of the Month, I want you to let the water defrost and then  we will have a hot time celebrating. For those of you that dare to get on cam, I will give you a surprise.

Happy stroking that cock for me.

Princess Andi

coereced cum eating

eat your cum for me.