eat your own cum for Princess Andi

Cool your cum eating cravings with this frosty treat.

I have been sooo neglectful of you hotties over here on my Crave the Cock blog! So to make it up to you…   I created a  very special  cum eating assignment to not only help you with your eat your own cum cravings but to help you stay cool during these hot summer months.

This particular assignment is excellent for those of you that are curious about the taste of your own cum and are you  very nervous about trying it?

It is so hot outside!  And for you cum-eaters, I was thinking of some creamy frozen treats that deserve a little bit of extra protein. For this cool and frosty drink, I want you to go to your favorite shake shop and  get a small milkshake. Any flavor, of your choice will do.

Stroke and edge that horny dick.

Go back home and put on your favorite porn. Stroke and edge for a good 30 minutes, sipping your milkshake as you masturbate. Before you get  3/4 done,  I want you to cum right in that milkshake.  Mmmmmm!

Now finish it up. There you go, sexy…  slurp it all up, and don’t forget to tell me how yummy your cummy tasted.