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cum eating body worship two things that belong together

Cum eating and body worship really do go hand in hand think about it…you like worshiping my body and I like you eating your cum for me so why not eat it right off my tits…or my thighs…or even my ass mmmm

Cum eating body worship

Imagine this……me naked inches from your dick and . . . → Read More: cum eating body worship two things that belong together

cum cocktail swallow your sperm for me

Hi there to all of you crave the cock fans! I have been on this cum eating kick here on my crave the cock blog and you wanna know why?  Because this Princess enjoys it! *duh!* What a huge turn on it is for me to watch you jerk off and masturbate and squirt . . . → Read More: cum cocktail swallow your sperm for me

You crave cum

Savoring the cream

Almost as much as you crave cock. I’m just wondering, do you actually crave cock? Or is it just a means to an end? There are ways to savor the taste of that cum other than sucking cock. You can eat your own. That’s probably how you started, isn’t it? . . . → Read More: You crave cum

Are you a nut gobbler?

Hello to all of you cock cravers!  I know that your curiosity about all things cock has brought you to my post today.

In my “Tug and Chug” post,  I wrote about masturbation and asked that you have a shot glass to squirt your jizz in. Today is a little different. Today is for . . . → Read More: Are you a nut gobbler?

Tug and chug

stroke your dick and eat that cum

Ready for a little tug and chug?

Get naked for me please. I want you to jack off that cock like you have never done before. It’s been a few days so you’ve got to have a good load inside of you. This isn’t the time for . . . → Read More: Tug and chug