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A New Cum Eating Fetish Game: A Direct Hit

Do have someone you want to share your cum eating fetish with? Do you want to eat your cum?  Wouldn’t you love to eat your cum and  share such a very sexy moment with with your wife or girlfriend? Not sure how to bring it up? Are you into cum eating games? How about . . . → Read More: A New Cum Eating Fetish Game: A Direct Hit

Pass the Cum Eater

Sexy Cum Eater Games

You know how we Mistresses love to play sexy games? Many of the Mistresses love to  play this game called Pass the Penis.  You know the game, where you do one call with a Mistress, after another? It is so much fun! Today, I started pass the cum eater with . . . → Read More: Pass the Cum Eater

Kinky Cookies and Man Milk

Kinky Wonderland

The kinky wonderland is in full swing, and yesterday’s Sexy Naughty Elf Names by the beautiful Mistress Meredith was a hoot!  If you are just learning about this month long blog theme, written by the Mistresses of LDW, you can go to the beginning where it all started, Mistress Welcomes You.

Mmm… . . . → Read More: Kinky Cookies and Man Milk

how to eat your own cum

Drinking Your Own Cum

It’s time for you to taste your own cum. You are so excited aren’t you, to drink up your own cum?

Now sometimes guys have trouble with the taste of their own cum. Oh its taboo to taste it and that drives the fantasy but sometimes you need something extra.

. . . → Read More: how to eat your own cum