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make frozen cum treats.

make frozen cum treats.

Hello to all of you fun cum eaters,


My last blog post I did about refreshing cum eating assignment was such a hit. That I wanted to do one more refreshing cum treat for you before the summer ends. 🙂

Here is another fun way to cool off this summer with a special twist for my cum-eaters. You will need  a pitcher of  Kool Aid, an ice cube tray and, of course, your horny cock.


When you have the Kool Aid ready (in your favorite flavor, of course), sit back and  stroke your excited dick.  Think about all the sexy things that  make that dick swell up,   and  what a hot and naughty stroker you like to be for your Princess.


When you are ready to cum, go right ahead and squirt all of it into the pitcher of Kool Aid. Then mix it up really well and pour it into ice cube trays. Put the trays into the freezer, and when they are set you will have a whole array of tasty little frozen cum treats that you can pop into your mouth and suck to cool off (and sucking is just SO much fun!), or  place in  a drink to enjoy while relaxing.


Now remember, don’t gobble those cubes up too fast! You don’t want a brain freeze headache!  Just make sure that no one else can get hold of them. These are special treats for you only. 😉


Feel free to contact me and share what kind of cumcicles you made  for yourself to enjoy. I look forward to hearing all about it !



Your favorite cum eating coach,

PS. Feel free to click on the link below to listen to my free erotic audio of this sexy blog post. 🙂


Princess Andi