About Nikki

Hello boys, my name is Nikki and I have been in the T-Girl life for many years. I knew I was meant to be a woman at a very young age. When I discovered the attraction was too much to ignore, I began dressing. I began my club circuit in West Los Angeles attending all events and becoming the social butterfly I was meant to be.

I love lots of attention and I stay in top shape with my gym membership, my beauty salon visits, and the waxing salon. My cock is a juicy and cut 8″ and as fat as a beer can. I have a regular submissive man to cater to me day and night. You could call it a FLR or you may call it a TGLR. He adores my cock and I do give his small boy cock plenty when he needs it. I love whispering in his ear how cute his little PeeWee is and how lucky he is to have my big beauty inside of his tight little pussy ass.

I am a Latina Los Angeles T-Girl always happy to do a hot phone session as long as you are kind and respectful of my dominance. You could say I am a true Diva and hold subtle drama in a big feminine way. Call me soon. I love the sound of a manly sexy voice, enjoying the admiration you bestow on me!