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Princess Faggot Maker

I am a princess faggot maker. I love taking men from all walks of life and turning them into jizz loving faggots. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! There is something so exciting about taking a guy and convincing him to please me by taking a nice hard dick into his mouth or ass. I love when a guy eventually does both for me. Some guys  take a little more convincing then others but I can assure you they always succumb to my sweet smile and my encouraging words! I love how you aim to please ME!

Pleasing me pleases you!

You are so submissive and can’t say no to my sweet disposition. You freak out at the slightest hint of my displeasure, so you are ready to go to any lengths to please me, even if it means getting on your knees and sucking cock for me.

I love being a faggot maker!

I love training you to take cock and learn how to crave more and more cock.  Turning you into a faggot gives me immense pleasure!

Are you wanting to become a faggot for Princess Andi? I am accepting faggots in training and would love to start you on your personal faggot training as soon as  we can get started. Faggot training can be intense but it is oh- so-worth-it!  You get to spend time pleasing me!

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CEI: Cum in Your Egg Nog

Cum eating is so naughty and fun. To get on Princess Andi’s nice list, I suggest you eat your cum for me! The holiday season is full of deliciously wicked ways to sneak in some sexy cum eating for yourself. You are going to love my suggestions for cum eating instruction, especially if you . . . → Read More: CEI: Cum in Your Egg Nog

CFNM Bukkake Cum Slut Party

CFNM is something I really enjoy. I love having you get naked, while I am beautifully dressed.  Adds to your humiliation, doesn’t it. There you are, everything hanging out. While you can only hope to catch a glimpse of some lace peeking out from under my shirt or skirt.

I love a great CFNM . . . → Read More: CFNM Bukkake Cum Slut Party

Sissy BBC Whore Training

I love sissy training. Turning a man into a hot little sissy bitch. This is one of my things- that I just can’t get enough of– making you my sissy cock slut. One of the things I like to reserve for those that are into it, is training a sissy to become a Sissy . . . → Read More: Sissy BBC Whore Training

Freeze Your Cum and Save it for Me

Freeze your cum for me. Masturbation May starts on Monday.  There are going to be lots of fun things going on, and I also have some hot things in store for you.

I Love Coaching You to Eat Your Cum

I have popped many cum eating cherries, and that thrills me. I am always . . . → Read More: Freeze Your Cum and Save it for Me