Nikki Schedule

My availability is most days but not beyond 9 PM Pacific time. My beauty sleep and dominant TGLR demands lots of attention. I am very open to appointments too. Email me at for an appointment, and be sure to show up on time. I will wait 10 minutes only and not allow you to make future appointments. For all callers:

  • Be open-minded to new experiences
  • Be willing to suck my cock and should I decide to cum, be willing to eat it.
  • I dress up for all of my calls. If you have a request for my dressing for the day, contact me before the call.
  • I am not a submissive T-Girl, but most of us are.
  • I love anal but I demand to be on top
  • 2T-Girl calls are available with Demetria and me. We love to do 2 lady calls with you in the middle.
  • Any queastions? E-mail me

XO   Nikki