So you’re craving a little humiliation from your t-girl God today, are you? Well, let me spin a little yarn for you that’ll really get you in the mood for that.

Imagine, if you will, that you are yourself–a normal, if perhaps a little dweeby, guy. You meet a tall, beautiful woman and decide you’re going to try to shoot your shot. You ask her on a date. Much to your surprise, she says yes!

A Date With A Hot T-Girl

The tall, beautiful woman in this little fantasy roleplay is, of course, me. You have no idea that I’m trans just yet, but you’ll find out soon enough.

You take me out to dinner, and we have a nice conversation. Eventually, after dinner, we go back to your place. You can’t believe your luck! You think you’re going to get some hot pussy from a beautiful woman. Your cock is throbbing in your pants as we disappear into the bedroom together. Clothes start coming off, and you’re thinking you’re the luckiest man in the whole world.

When I pull down my panties and my big, hard t-girl cock pops out, you’re shocked. This is not at all what you were expecting!

Turning You Into A Cocksucker

I place my hands on your shoulders and push down. Instinctively, you sink to your knees in front of me. I guide your head toward my cock. You can’t look away! Something inside you compels you to wrap your lips around it.

If you were surprised to see my huge cock, you’re even more surprised to hear my laughter above you. You look up at me, your eyes big and round.

“I knew you’d be a good cocksucker,” I say. “From the moment I met you, I knew you were a little beta bitch that I could turn into my own personal little cocksucking slut!”

Your face reddens, but for some reason, you don’t stop sucking, even with the humiliation I’m raining down on you from above.

“That’s a good little cocksucker,” I croon mockingly at you. “Do what you were born to do.”

So Much Humiliation…

You suck my cock for quite a while, but the humiliation doesn’t end when I draw your face away from my crotch. Au contraire. It’s actually the beginning of some fairly rough small penis humiliation.

“I also knew you’d have a small cock,” I tell you. “I could tell by the way you walked and talked that you weren’t well-hung. Isn’t it humiliating to know that a beautiful woman is better hung than you are? Come stand next to me, and let’s compare cock sizes.”

You scramble to obey me. Another wave of humiliation washes over you when you hold your cock up next to mine. My dick is at least twice the size of yours, if not a good bit more. You can’t believe you’ve gotten yourself into this predicament, but you also don’t want to leave it, either. Whatever will a little beta bitch like yourself do in this situation?

If the above roleplay idea sounds like the beginning of a hot humiliation phone sex fantasy to you, I think you need to give me a call. We could have a wonderful time together. I can already tell. I really look forward to embarrassing and degrading you as you deserve, so don’t keep me waiting too long. Go ahead, grab your phone, and embrace the destiny you merit. Get humiliated by the very best.