Guided Masturbation and JOI with TS God Demetria

Hello to all my cock control and guided masturbation lovers. Today’s blog is for you!

If you are a fan of cock control in general, you’ve probably already explored guided masturbation, at least a little bit. You’ve probably also found that you rather enjoy it. And that’s wonderful because I love giving guided masturbation instructions to you guys.

I Have Tried All These JOI Methods On Myself

The great thing about talking to a beautiful t-girl like myself about guided masturbation is that I, too, have a cock. This means that anything I tell you to try yourself, I’ve already tried myself. So all my jerk-off instructions are already pre-approved by me, Ms. Demetria. And you can believe me when I tell you that I have tried quite a few different JOI methods.

I’ve been told all through my adult life that I’m very good with my hands. I give excellent massages, including prostate massages when I am so inclined. And I also give wonderful, thorough handjobs that leave others gasping for breath when I’m finished. So I’m here to share with you all my secrets so that you can get your love for masturbation back again.

The Real Secret To It Is Strict Edging

You may not believe this when I first tell you, but it’s the truth. The real secret to great guided masturbation sessions is not the specific stroking method I give you (although that’s important, too). The real secret is strict orgasm edging.

I know you guys already know what edging is, so I won’t waste your time explaining how it works. But I will tell you that strict edging is what it takes to have one of those mind-blowing masturbation orgasms people sometimes tell you about. Without it, you can’t build up enough orgasmic pressure inside yourself to be able to really explode at the end like you need. So I’m going to guide you through a lot of JOI and edging to give you the orgasm of your life.

Mutual Masturbation

And you never know, I might decide I want to stroke along with you some time. Guided masturbation occasionally turns into mutual masturbation when I’m in the mood for it. We can go through the experience together, stroking and edging until we hit the point of no return.

Have you ever done that sort of thing before? Had a gorgeous t-girl stroke alongside you while you edged yourself repeatedly? I bet you haven’t, and I’m telling you right now, if you haven’t, you are missing out! Let me guide you down the road you want to travel, and you’ll see how much more fun the journey is with a road trip buddy.

We can even see who can hold off from cumming the longest. Let me warn you, though, I’m very adept at tantric masturbation, so you may be at a bit of a disadvantage, at least until I get you trained the way I want you trained.

So if you’d like to try a little guided masturbation and edging with me, you know exactly what you should do. You should pick up your phone and give me a call right away. My thick, juicy cock has tried all these different methods I’m planning on using on you, and they are Ms. Demetria’s dick-approved! So come on and give it a go. You’ll be so glad you did. I can’t wait to hear from you and get started!