Hi there, cocksucking fiends! How’s it going today? I’ve got a fantasy in mind that I think you guys will love, and I’m going to share it with you right now. Maybe you can let me know how you feel about it after you read?

A Roleplay Idea

This is sort of an erotic roleplay idea I had earlier in the week, so I thought I’d write it down for you guys to check out. I was thinking, maybe you’ve had a rough week at work, so on Friday night, you decide to go to the corner bar to try to relax a little. You have no idea that you’re going to find me there, looking all sexy and stuff.

When you get to the bar, you see a tall, beautiful woman in a little black dress sitting on a stool near the end. You can’t help but notice how attractive she is, but your mind is elsewhere, so you don’t think much of it. You’re not really thinking about women right now. You’re definitely not thinking of beautiful t-girls and how much you love cocksucking. Definitely not.

So you sit down, order a beer, and start to nurse it. Some time goes by. At some point, you look up and notice that the pretty girl from further down the bar has taken her stool and slid it to be closer to you. Huh.

A BDSM Bedroom

When she (I) sees you looking, she says hi and introduces herself. This time, you can’t help giving her a long, slow once-over. She really is one of the most lovely girls you’ve ever seen, with those long legs and those nice, big boobs spilling over the top of her dress.

You start talking to her, and you discover that not only is she beautiful, but she’s also really funny and intelligent, to boot. You can’t believe your luck–this gorgeous woman is both hilarious and smart, and she’s interested in you!

Some more time passes as the two of you talk. Eventually, one of you suggests going somewhere else, somewhere more private. And that’s how you end up at her apartment in town.

There is kissing and groping once the door closes. Clothes start to come off. You’re pawing at each other as she leads you to her bedroom. You notice as you kiss her that there are some unusual things around you. There are padded cuffs attached to the headboard. There are some impact play implements, like floggers and crops, on the walls. There are hooks in the ceiling. Your cock hardens even more. This is a BDSM bedroom!

Cocksucking With The Hottest T-Girl

Then, when she pulls her panties down, you see it–that big, hard cock that pops out! She’s looking at you expectantly as it does. But you’re not put off, not one bit. In fact, it only arouses you more! She sees the look on your face and smiles at you, then puts her hands on your shoulders and presses down. You don’t need any more encouragement than that. You immediately drop to your knees and take that big, hard cock right into your mouth!

I close my eyes as you do it, and I can tell right off the bat that you’re an expert at cocksucking. And that’s great because I love having my cock sucked! I let you do your thing for a little while, and then I start to gently face-fuck you a bit. You only gobble it down even more hungrily!

I can’t wait to have you tied down with those cuffs that are at the headboard of my bed….

So what do you think? Is that the sort of cocksucking phone sex fantasy you could enjoy? If so, leave me a comment or give me a call to play this roleplay out together.