Hello there, body worship lovers. This is TS God Demetria, coming at you today to talk about our mutual fetish. I love having every part of my God-like body worshiped by guys like yourself, and I look forward to letting you have your turn at it.

Starting Your Body Worship Adventure With Me

Let’s start your body worship adventure with me. I’m thinking that what I want you to do today is start at the top and work your way down. We’ll get me out of my sexy bra and let you begin. I love breast worship, after all.

If you do a good job worshipping my lovely breasts, I might even do something nice for you. (I know, write it down so you don’t forget this momentous occasion!) I might just take my beautiful tits and put your cock between them and stroke it up and down. Maybe. Assuming your cock isn’t so small that it would get lost between them. That can happen, you know!

How About Some Ass Worship?

After you’ve taken good care of my boobs, I think it’s time for you do some ass worship. My booty is at least as sexy as my breasts, so you should definitely spend some time worshipping it for me.

If you like, I’ll even throw in a little Queening, too. It’s always nice to use another person’s face as a chair. Facesitting works well for body worship, anyway, because it means you’re in close proximity to more than one area that you can worship.

But hold on just a minute. Let’s not get too carried away here. You have to do a really good job with my ass before I let you move on to anywhere else. So definitely keep that in mind as you work your magic with your tongue.

But once you’ve done all those things, you may be allowed to go for what I know you truly want. It’s that holy grail of body worship with a t-girl: cock worship.

Worship My Big, Juicy T-Girl Cock

I know you’ve been craving it for a long time. And because I’m such a generous person, I’m going to let you do some cock worship if you ask nicely. Maybe I’ll remain sitting on your face and slowly feed it to you inch by inch. Or maybe I’ll put you on your knees in front of me, like a supplicant begging for what you want. Either one would work fine, I think.

I want to feel your tongue running over both my big, beautiful cock and my heavy balls. Make sure you get them wet and slippery for me. Then, you can put your lips around the head of my cock and start to swallow it down. I want you to take it in slowly and savor the feeling of that cock head sliding over the top of your tongue.

Taste the precum. Feel my cock throbbing in your mouth. Look up into my eyes and see the desire in them. Hear my soft moans and words of encouragement. Smell the sweet scent of me. Take it all in and enjoy every moment of it.

I know you need it, and so do I. Let’s go ahead and get the process started, shall we? All you have to do is call me, Demetria, for some body worship phone sex. I desire to be treated like the God I am, and you need someone to worship. So what are you waiting for?