Welcome To My Blog Welcome To My Perfect Life

Welcome to my blog. I want to write an essay on who I am, what I do, and how I roll. I want to detail the t-girl life. I want to give you insight into this lifestyle, where I come from, my love life, my heartbreaks, desires and oh yes…we cannot forget my kinks and desires. Sit back and relax. Take out your cock and know that I know how to handle you well. The first thing is, I love my friends and I love you men!

The T-Girl Life: Ms Nikki 1-800-601-6975

The T-Girl Life

How did I get started in my T-Girl journey? Being young and curious and a deep knowing I was very different. My smooth skin, my attraction to manly men, and my impeccable taste in feminine clothing which I wear all the time. I also like clothes of domination and being dominant. I am not a submissive t-girl, but I am a sensual delight. I love being kissed and I love sucking cock, anal sex, and all things sensual, except for submission. I am not a submissive Tgirl. No rough stuff for this lady. I am a lady and love being treated as such. I am proud to be a special girl.

I’m An L.A. Girl

I grew up in Los Angeles and live there still. All of my close friends like me are in a close-knit family-type T-girl community. We have our special hangouts, our clubs we frequent. We are spectacular dancers and go to weekly events to places that accept us as we are.We are part of Pride and never miss a local event in West Hollywood. The T-Girl life  is an exciting one and there is never a regret of being who I am.

I Have A Gorgeous Man

Just a reminder I never share personal information. I do not give out my address for dating. I love being a phone sex girl in this LDW family. If you spot me on the streets of Los Angeles just remember this work is my passion to give you the best experience ever. I will enjoy your phone company beyond expectations. I will tell you this though, I am in a very close relationship with a real man who loves and admires ladies like me. We have been together for 5 years now. He has never been happier being with a goddess like me. I am forever grateful after finding this man. The T-Girl life is beautiful with the right man.

Love and Lust In A T-Girl World

How do I treat my man? He is treated like a King. Me not being a great cook, the chore is left to him. He does it better and he loves to do it. Some nights we go out to a great restaurant and this is when I dress to the nines. I wear very sexy short dresses with heels to show off my long beautiful legs. My thick 8″ cock is tucked back to maintain a silhouette without the big bump. Yes I do have a very large 8″ fat cock that he loves to suck, I am his she male goddess. Sometimes after champagne and dinner, we have sex all night long. I am a hot and sexy Latina and demand hot sex with my man’s big cock.


Now and again we do very naughty BDsm. I dress in latex and super-high boots. He is tied to our St Andrews Cross for some harsh CBT and glorious ass fucking. Light flogging is in order after every session we play. My sweet round butt loves a little spanking now and again, enjoying the vibrations my little balls endure with each spank.

The T-girl life is the life I will never leave behind. thsi is who I am and always will be I am proud!

XO Nikki T-Girl